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Brilliant Disguise

We made it! Or should I phrase it, “We made it?” At this point we’re not quite sure.

After a long, arduous week I can officially say that myself, Rebecca, and Ezra are in Scotland…together. And that alone is an accomplishment, especially after the week we’ve had. It’s awesome, or as my Scottish friends would say…brilliant!

Our journey here started over three years ago. Throughout that time, there have been many ups and downs, twists and turns, bumps, even blocks in the road. We certainly didn’t expect that to end once we got here, but I’m not quite sure we were ready for the full frontal assault of last week-- an attack that is lingering as there are still unresolved issues at hand.

The car that we “bought” on May 18 still hasn’t materialized thanks to an international wire debacle. So for now, we are bumming rides from friends, taxis, Uber, and Scotrail (which is actually a cool way to see the country). And did I mention that after spending 3 hours at the airport Rebecca and Ezra were not allowed to board their flight on Wednesday because of Delta not being up to speed on Covid protocols in Amsterdam? That mistake cost us 3 days!

Brilliant, huh? At this point it feels more like the Springsteen hit Brilliant Disguise. It’s actually one of my favorite songs from the “Boss.” The last line in that song states: God have mercy on the man who doubts what he’s sure of. Preach Boss! Because in these moments I’ve had doubts. I’m just being honest. And I need His mercy. Have I made the right decision for my family? Have I missed something? Lord, Are You trying to tell me something? Help my unbelief!

Rebecca and I took a walk yesterday evening on the property we have rented for the next 10 days. The property is gorgeous. Panaromic views of the Trossachs Mountains and 300-year-old trees are quite a sight for this Georgia boy. Hillside trails. Sheep and friendly cows. But that wasn’t the best part.

As many of you know, one of our greatest prayers is that Ezra will be able to assimilate here…find friends, activities that will put to rest the anxiety he has seemed to acquire. As we walked the path, Ezra stayed back. But we could see him approach two neighboring kids who were playing soccer. He just went right up to them and introduced himself (not quite sure exactly what he said as we were trying not to be “creepy” parents.) But in that moment, we witnessed God answering our prayers. Ezra played soccer with the boys for a while. He had a great time. Thank you, Lord, for your kindness and mercy.

I realized He had actually been answering our prayers all week. Somehow, I had managed to focus mostly on what had gone wrong and paid little attention to what had gone right. What had gone right? Friends like Rodney and Kristen Huffty who had graciously opened their home to us. A wonderful church experience at Cornerstone Community Church, where we met some amazing Scots who are part of a thriving church in a population that is 1 % believers. I was even able to be part of a Cornerstone small group. What a week this has been indeed!

We are confident there will be more struggles over the coming months. Certain of the enemy’s attacks. We are also confident that there will be just as many answered prayers. Lord, help us to seek You first. Help us to get out of Your way. Help us to be still and listen. Thank you for answered prayers. As I reflect back on this first week, I can’t help but describe it with one word. Brilliant!

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