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The most frequently asked question we get is, “What do ya’ll do in Scotland?” The short (one-sentence) answer we give is this:  We host and facilitate missions for both our U.S. and Scottish Partners. Yep, that’s a pretty vague answer. But let’s be honest, that’s a pretty vague question. The reality is that what we “do” in Scotland is quite complex.  


Depending on the research you trust, Scotland is somewhere between 1-5% evangelical Christian. That hasn’t always been the case. As a matter of fact, once known as the “land of the book,” Scotland sent out more missionaries than any other country in the world. And that was only a few generations back.  


Scotland does have a strong community of true believers. Their faith is immense, and it is inspiring. The percentage happens to be small. There is no “safety” in numbers there. This is part of the reason we feel drawn to Scotland. To come alongside these believers and offer encouragement and support. The irony is that most times they are the ones encouraging and lifting us up. It’s actually incredible. But we can help.  


We can offer to come alongside them. To partner with them. To listen to what they need and get a sense of what God is calling them to do for their own country. And when they ask, we can offer our services. Our resources. Our expertise. Our experience. As the body of Christ, we can help shoulder the burdens of a post-Christian society. The weight of that can only be felt on Scottish soil. And the burden of that can only be lifted by our faith in Jesus Christ. 


Meet our partners

West Ridge Church | Dallas, GA
Crosspoint City Church | Cartersville, GA
Take Hold Church | Scotland
Young Life | Scotland
Journey Church International | Lee's Summit, MO
Cornerstone Community Church | Stirling, Scotland
Hope City Church | Edinburgh, Scotland
Education Fellowship Initiative | Worldwide
AT3 | United Kingdom

Come Join Us

If your church or group is interested in sharing the good news, we'd like to pair your gifts and talent with the needs in Scotland. Scotland is rich in spiritual history so your team might benefit from prayer walks or leadership training. Whatever your missionary calling is, we can design and develop a trip for you and your team. Missionary opportunities may include: evangelism, creative arts, Bible teaching, working with children and students, working events, construction, community outreach, discipleship, and group training. We are currently connected with several local churches and organizations throughout the Edinburgh and Stirling areas. Contact us if you see an open trip you are interested in, or if you would like to inquire about customizing a trip for your team's specific needs.    

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